Instruction and Coaching


A fun, safe introduction to the sport, building a foundation for a happy skiing future.

Green Run Skiers

Ski green runs with more confidence and start to move towards the blues.

Blue Run Skiers

Let's explore the mountain! Continued skill development and lots of mileage and you'll be a superstar before you know it.

Getting onto Black Runs

Higher speeds, steeper slopes, maybe a few bumps thrown in. Refining and consolidating continues, and we start to explore the advanced aspects of ski performance. "NICE TURNS!".

nigel harrison ski instructor

Nigel Harrison skiing in Europe

Double Black Diamond

Adapting to terrain requires good skills, determination and an understanding of high end tactics. This is when everyones says "I never thought I'd be able to do that".

All mountain/ Preparation for Backcountry Skiing

You are now close to enlightenment.

nigel harrison ski instructor

Nigel Harrison (second from left) having a bagel while class enjoys an apres

Preparation for CSIA courses

Arriving on course prepared mentally and physically gives you a huge head start and these sessions are aimed at doing just that. We will look at whatever aspect of your course most concerns you and develop your confidence in that area. If you have a CSIA manual bring it with you, if you haven't, I'll find you one.


One Hour Wonders

Does coaching work for you? Find out in this quick, low cost intro


Safety, enjoyment, learning in that order and no other is the rule when teaching kids.



The question isn't whether they can do it or not, but how long it takes until they're better than you.
Nigel Harrison at Mount Washington Alpine Resort